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Friday, April 23, 2021    
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About Philippines Flowers

Like any other country of the world, Philippines is also among those countries that have their own native and unique flowers categories. However, some of the many flowers of Philippine can also be found at other parts of the globe as well but still these flowers are regarded as the confined and native flower of Philippines only. Some of the most popular and commonly known flowers of Philippine are as follows:

Ylang – Ylang:

The name for the flower was originally generated from an old word which is Tagalog and the meaning of this is “rear”, its specialty is its scent that is pretty similar and has resemblance with the fragrance that is found on Philippine hence its fragrance is regarded and symbolized as one of their owns. The specialty of this flower is not only limited at its fragrance but its oil extract are also considered as treatment agent for high blood pressure and some skin problems. The tree of Ylang is a native one and it usually grows on the rainforest that are slightly acidic in nature.


It is also considered as national flower of Philippine although it is also found at different countries of Asia particularly in those Asian countries that has a wide range of tropical forests. At the first look it may appear petite to you but it actually is of great significance as they are made into garland and it is also being largely used at the time of welcoming and is symbolized as the symbol of honor. Its usage are considerable such the catholic devotees take these flowers to their homes for the purpose of decoration whereas, on the other hand it sometime formed in the shape of necklace and is beautifully placed on the front of vehicles, one can easily buy it from the streets on Manila as it is being commonly sold on its street.

Wailing –Waling:

These flowers belongs to the rare categories of epiphytic orchid endemic which is found on the island of Mindanao, more specifically it is found on the foothills of Cotabato, Mount Apo which is in Davao and in Surigao. Wailing – wailing is one absolute seasonal, rear and unique flower and it only blossoms in the months from July to December. Originally it is highly liked and appreciated by the locals and that is because of its amazing hybrids available in some many colors and that is probably the reason why it is being called the “Queen of Philippine orchids”.


Gumamela is one of those flowers that are very much commonly among the Filipinos and they are well aware of this class of flowers specially the kids, apart from that it has also been the all time garden favorite of the Filipinos. Today it is being widely grow all over the Philippine and is also being used in the treatment of cancerous mumps and swellings.

Everlasting Flowers:

These are also known as the straw flower or the paper daisy. These are mainly found at the Baguio city and is easily available at eh streets and markets of summer capital, the specialty of this flower is that they have a longer life and that is why they are the favorites.


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