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Friday, April 23, 2021    
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Christmas Celebrations in Philippines

Knowing about the tradition and customs of Filipinos regarding the celebration of Christmas is an interesting thing, specially the celebrations of Filipino women. Usually they like to keep the celebration of Christmas very traditional, however, it may vary if someone is outside Philippines and that is because of the reason that Christmas is being celebrated in different styles around the globe.

The celebration for Christmas starts right from the begin of the month of September because it is one of the most awaited events and therefore Filipinos prepare in advance for this particular event, shopping are being started by most of the people which includes gifts, decoration objects etc. another reason for starting shopping earlier for the Christmas gifts in the Philippines is that at the Christmas rush it gets very difficult to select a gift of once own choice rather at that particular time what Christmas gift one gets in hand is one that is going to be purchased. With the start of new month of October, Christmas songs can be heard on the radio stations and streets are being lightened by lanterns and lights which are in each and every color. Parties and events are scheduled at workplaces and at schools, relatives, friends, family calls for reunion and arrival at home starts along with different surprises, gift items, flowers etc.

Most commonly greeting ways used by Philippines includes sending Christmas cards for friends, family and loved ones, these Christmas cards acts as a substitute of the individual who is not there with them. Other ways of Philippines Christmas celebration includes decoration of Christmas tree with in the house by the help of different colorful lights and decorating materials. Best things that are being expected by people around the Christmas tree is the Christmas gifts which adds significantly to the event as everyone is eagerly waiting to get their presents.

However, along with the gifts, flowers are being exchanged and are also presented as gifts among the family members, relative, friends etc. These Christmas flowers are arranged in several different ways such as in arrangements, baskets and bouquets. The traditional arrangement of Christmas flowers includes white and red flowers, however, it is not fixed and any flower in any color can be enjoyed and fills the environment with Christmassy joy and happiness. Especially for the Christmas Eve flower delivery in the Philippines becomes an effective charm which delivers happiness and harmony at its best.

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