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Friday, April 23, 2021    
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How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

Christmas, the most awaited event throughout the year in Philippines. The Filipino peoples anxiously awaiting this event and there curiosity increases at the mid of October. Christmas celebrated by the Filipino people is quite different from other countries of the world it is the longest celebrating festival in Philippines culture which stretched over 3 week’s period. The Christmas celebration starts on 16 of December and lasts till the Christmas Eve.

The way of celebrating the Christmas among the Filipino people is very traditional the whole family gathers at the Christmas Eve and attend the pray and later on the whole family serves the dinner all together. It is considered as the best time for the peoples who are out of Philippines to come to their homeland and enjoy the celebrations with their family. At the time of celebration a great combination of colors, lights, gifts, chocolates, cakes and traditional foods which actually represents the true essence that how enthusiastically Filipino celebrates the Holy event of Christmas. At that time there is rush over the gifts shops and bakeries throughout the country because it is the gift giving nature of the Filipino people to present gifts to their families, friends and loved ones and as a majority chunk of the Philippines population is living outside the country and they comes home to celebrate the Christmas so everyone in their social circle wants to give them a gift. The cakes and chocolates have high demand and people ordered there cakes a month before the Christmas because they knew that at the time of Christmas they can’t get there desired cake.

Since every person of the country belongs to any religion is feeling the joy of Christmas and exchange gifts, flowers among the peoples and delivering the happiness and creating a strong relationship of love among the families and it is a customary in Philippines that very next morning of the Christmas eve the elders, younger and children have to meet there grandparents and greet them Christmas with the sweet flavors and cakes, essence of flowers and happiness that is bound in the gifts but besides that actually it is the act of love towards their grandparents and a yet the biggest festival of year delivers the happiness among the Filipinos for which they have been waiting for the whole year.

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